Single or Double?
By Said Muniruddin

Life will be more beautiful if a man gets married soon than keeps staying as a single. There are many reasons why a man should quickly marry a woman. I have listed some of them for you.

First, by marrying a woman, you will have a new best friend to whom you get involved in a deep conversation. You both can talk to each other about experience, idea, etc, not only orally but also emotionally. In contrast, non-married guy is difficult to have a girl who fully understand him.

Second, after getting married almost all men won’t do their clothes anymore because their wife takes over this duty. On the other hand, a single man finds himself as a single-handed. Therefore, most men are eager to find “washing-machine” in order to replace the job. It is such a good strategy that we can spend energy for another important task.

Third, a wife usually will prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner for her husband. For instance; after morning wake up, you will find tasty breakfast menu in your dining room. This phenomenon must be a “life comes true” experience for a man just married. In a matter of fact, a man who lives alone should cook or prepared menu, known as self-service.

Finally, a married-couple will “waste” much time in happiness. Every day is a happy day which all life burdens disappear due to an intimate relationship and joyful things they create.  Moreover, for a husband who is used to working hard, he will become more diligent. Why? Because when he returns home, for example, his soul-mate greets him with an affectionate kissing. This is totally different from someone who stays single: who are in the hell willing to kiss him? No one cares of, so that working hard is particularly getting terrible.

After studying the essence of marriage, In short, there will no reasons at all not to marry a woman as quick as possible. So many unexplained benefit will certainly you obtain soon after that. Above of all, life is more interesting when you brave enough to change your status from single into double. Believe me guys, don’t be a coward – be a man!!*****

(This is a writing assignment during the Pre-Academic Training [PAT] of Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program [FF-IFP] at PPB-UI Salemba, Jakarta: September 2004 – March 2005).

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