Oleh Said Muniruddin

Time passes quicker than clouds do
Like a sword; it will cut you
If you do not cut it

Imam Hasan alMujtaba once said:
“Opportunity is something which is
quick to vanish, and late to return”

Do you know what?
Allah gives you a chance to invest
86.400 seconds a day as credits
Take it, or waste it

Your time is your age
Rather than sleeping and being idle,
Death is much better alternative

You will not go forward
on the Day of Judgment,
Until you are asked:

About your age,
and how you spent it.

About your youth,
and how you used it.

About your wealth,
how you acquired and spent it.

About your knowledge,
and what you did with it.

Life is short
At the end is absolutely death
Make sure we do many good deeds
As there is no way back

Happy birthday!
May Allah bless the rest of your life.

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